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The Sounds of the Vanishing World


Earth (Behusher Chosid) (trad./ arr. Kroke) 4:58  
Air (Kukurba/ Bawoł) 2:19  
Question (Bublitschki) (trad./ arr. Lato) 0:43  
Time (Lato) 6:10  
Dance (Bawoł) 6:09  
Love (Lullaby for Kamila) (Bawoł) 3:04  
Fire (Kukurba) 6:01  
Water (Kroke) 12:01  
The Sounds of the Vanishing World (Kukurba/ Bawoł/ Lato/ Grela) 4:21  
Tomasz Kukurba: viola, violin, flutes, percussion, mouth percussion, wind instruments, mandolin
Jerzy Bawoł: accordion 
Tomasz Lato: double bass, bass guitar, percussion
Dariusz Grela: vocal, drums programming, sampling 

Recorded, mixed and sampled by Dariusz Grela at Grelcom Studio Cracow, January, April, May 1998
Cover photo: Till Schumann
Design: mquadrat/Michael Vogt