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"TEN" - new album available in Poland from November 12!

People reaching for 'Ten' already knowing Kroke will find there all that is best of the trio's music. Music lovers that will meet the emotion-inducing trio for the first time will be captivated from the first few bars of Bright Clouds. 'Ten' is the most diverse of Kroke albums, as if the musicians wanted to encapsulate everything that over the years has been their assets. It is, however, by no means a result of conscious measures, but emotions and state of mind of both the musicians and Dariusz Grela, who, by recording the subsequent Kroke albums, became their co-author. One of the pieces from the newest album has been credited to Anna Maria Jopek, who introduced a novelty into Kroke's repertoire – lyrics. Nevertheless, the composition matches the recognisable Kroke stylistics combining beautiful melodies with improvising and melancholy with an energetic pulse.

That's what the world of Kroke is like.